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At Joe beans coffee with my cool friend :-) I don’t drink coffee but when I do its with a cool friend :-) latte for me and mochiatto for her lol!

Made this with my boyfriend wasn’t bad! If You like garlic and spinach this is amazing!..its a white pizza :-)

Best strawberry sorbert ever!! Got it from this new place that opened at my mall..called slabhappy I think? Name is odd but strawberry sorbert is the bomb :-)

This might not look appetizing but….I love this place in DC called hot N Juicy crawfish..what can I say I’m a sea creature fanatic…lol!

Pho is so flippen good…and I love this pho place in silverspring …I go with my boyfriend everytime I come to DC

Appetizers at the distillery with fun people :-)

I cooked this! Was very good! Chicken and brocolli fettichini Alfredo :-) yum!

Omg! My favorite Greek restaraunt in my home town! Called Aladdins …they serve all organic products in their dishes :-) the taste of the food shows it too! Fun times with good friends

When it was once summer! Lol I wore this dress to one of my friends wedding ..such a fun day and night :-)